Enrollment Procedures

Enrollment Procedures


Students are referred to New Beginnings by their local child study teams and by parents or guardians; New Beginnings accepts private enrollment as well as references from local districts. Parents may schedule an appointment to view the facility with district approval or families may visit New Beginnings at an open house, scheduled three times a year.

When it appears that New Beginnings is a suitable placement for the student, the sending school district sets up an intake appointment. New Beginnings must receive the student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and other pertinent reports which have been developed by the child study team. An intake team made up of teachers, speech therapists, occupational therapists or physical therapists informally assesses the students’ academic, social, and language skills and determines if the student is appropriate for the New Beginnings program.

When the intake team has determined that New Beginnings is an appropriate placement for the student, a letter of acceptance is sent to the district along with the state-approved contract. All students are accepted on a six-week trial basis.

Following the determination of a student’s eligibility for acceptance, the district:

  • Provides pertinent records (medical and immunization records are required)
  • Obtains local Board of Education approval
  • Obtains County approval for the placement
  • Makes transportation arrangements